Time for Citizen Action 📢

“Getting involved is the only solution. You don’t have to like politics, you have to get involved.“

Dr Donatus Okonkwo

(Founder, Tetrazzini Group of Companies)

Dear Active Citizen,

The Supreme Court has rendered its final decision on the 2023 presidential election: Bola Tinubu of the All Progressives Congress (APC) is president.

Now, let's dive into some numbers, because who doesn't love math, right? Out of the 28.63% of registered voters with PVC who showed up to the voting party, Tinubu snagged 8.79 million votes. Atiku wasn't far behind with 6.98 million votes, and Obi showed his muscle with 6.10 million votes. The plot twist? When you add up Atiku and Obi's numbers, they're like a dynamic duo with more votes than the declared winner! 🤯

Needless to say, there are more voters who are sad than happy. 😔

Now, the Supreme Court's word is the law. So, even if it feels like you're holding a wild card, it's time to shuffle the deck and play the game.

If you believe in a different future for our nation, you can't wait until the next elections.

The time is NOW!
Occupy your Office of the Citizen and get busy!✊🏽

We've got resources up our sleeves to help you channel your inner change-maker. Explore our treasure chest of tools at eie.ng/resources for all your accountability needs. And if you want the contact information of your elected officials, shineyourye.org is your golden ticket!

Stay engaged, stay informed, and let's make some waves!

#EndSARS: A Research Report Launch Event

Mark your calendars for Tuesday, October 31st, as we unveil a crucial research report about the status of the Judicial Panels of Inquiry formed after the 2020 #EndSARS protests.

While physical attendance requires registration, you can also catch the event LIVE on YouTube and Zoom.

Ready to join us? Register for the event here.

Stay safe this weekend.
The EiE Nigeria Team.