Where the Money Goes: The ThursdayTalks Recap!

“We need to organize voice, not ‘noise’, to activate change in a sustainable way. Voice isn’t anecdotal, but empirical.“

Oby Ezekwesili

(Former Minister of Education)

Dear Active Citizen,

This month's #ThursdayTalks was a thought-provoking and intense conversation that discussed government spending. For those who couldn't make it, here's your all-access pass to the key moments:

💡 "Where Does the Money Go?" feat. Funsho Doherty

Funso kicked off the show, unraveling the mysteries of government spending. From billions to the nitty-gritty expenses (yes, air fresheners made the list!), he exposed the extravagant and the seemingly trivial.

🔍 "Behind the Scenes of Procurement" with Ife-Olatunji David

Ife dived deep into the procurement process, emphasizing the need for citizen capacity building. She urged us to take advantage of the whistle-blower policy and advocated for increased protection and benefits for those brave enough to speak up.

🌐 "Government Spending Opacity" by Seun Onigbinde

Seun shone a spotlight on the opacity of government spending. He commended the relentless advocacy by CSOs, noting the changing narrative, and called for citizens to also focus on local governance and fight for autonomy.

🗣️ "Changing Citizens' Attitude" - Funso's Grand Finale

Funso wrapped it up, urging us to change our attitude towards governance. He emphasized the need for measured engagement, devoid of insults, and highlighted the impact of persistent citizen efforts.

🚀 Closing Remarks from ‘Yemi Adamolekun

’Yemi reminded us that the government works for citizens, and with that power comes the right to ask questions and demand accountability. Anyone eyeing public office should brace themselves for scrutiny and be ready to provide answers.

Missed the live action? No worries! Catch the entire conversation in 3 parts here: 1, 2 & 3.


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