Q3 Recap - Expanding Our Horizons

Dear Active Citizen,

We're thrilled to bring you a recap of our exciting activities during the third quarter of 2023. From enlightening discussions to empowering initiatives, we've been on a mission to keep you informed, engaged, and ready to shape Nigeria's future. Let's dive into the highlights.

July 2023 - Insights and Outreach 

In July, we dived deep into the topic of "Fuel Subsidy Blues" for our monthly #ThursdayTalks. Our public policy analyst, Kelvin Emmanuel, provided valuable insights into the implications of fuel subsidy removal on the Nigerian economy. Chiamaka Dike from Zikoko Citizen facilitated the discussion and also opened the floor for an engaging open mic conversation.

We also re-launched our #OOTC radio program in Ekiti State on NewCruse 92.7FM, ensuring that vital conversations reach far and wide.

August 2023 - Education and Transparency 

August was a month of education and transparency. We equipped student leaders with essential knowledge through our partnership with Civic Hive’s Student Union Leaders Fellowship and our participation at FUTA's 9th Judicial Summit. In the short term, we equipped today's leaders with vital insights for immediate application. In the long term, we're shaping the leaders of tomorrow, fostering a legacy of fairness and equality in the polity.

The RSVP 2023 Elections Report delved into the journey, impactful campaigns, and key takeaways from the 2023 Elections. We also published the MissinginNG 2022 Report - our 2nd report to document verified missing individuals in Nigeria.

Our #ShineYourEye Campaign made it easier for you to access your elected officials' contact details for direct engagement.

September 2023 - Leading the Way! 

Our collaboration with Public Art Africa empowered student leaders with crucial skills in civic engagement and leadership. We also re-launched the OOTC radio program on Inspiration 92.3FM in Oyo State, delivering knowledge and civic education straight to the radios of Ibadan residents every Thursday.

The September #ThursdayTalks edition focused on "Assessing Progress: Efforts in Addressing Police Brutality," featuring distinguished guests who provided invaluable perspectives.

Throughout the Quarter - OOTC on "What Are You Saying (WAYS)" TV Show and Infographics

WAYS delved into various critical topics, while our infographics in BusinessDay Newspaper illuminated key aspects of government transparency and the progress of #OpenNASS over the past ten years.

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Expanding Our Team

In addition to these exciting activities, we're delighted to announce that we've strengthened our team with new hires.

  • Media Associate: Our Media Associate brings expertise to our communication efforts, enhancing our ability to engage and inform the public.

  • Creative Associate: With a Creative Associate on board, we're equipped to convey our message effectively through compelling and innovative means.

Our HR Lead and a Senior Program Associate who had left earlier in the year returned as contract employees to support the Team as we continued the recruitment process.


Enjoy the rest of the week!
The EiE Nigeria Team.