PERUSE Newsletter, May 26, 2023

What We Ordered vs What We Got

Friday, May 26, 2023

“There is a place for talking and criticism. But there is also a place to let our ACTIONS do the talking.”


Fela Durotoye

(CEO, Gemstone Group)

Dear ,

So, yesterday we had our monthly



, and boy, did things get interesting! Our speakers,

Demola Olanrewaju


Oluseyi Olufemi

and moderator,

Deborah Tolu-Kolawole

, had a heart-to-heart about President Buhari's upcoming exit in just three days. They dove into the promises we hoped for versus the realities we experienced. It was like opening a can of worms, but in a good way!

And guess who was in the spotlight?

You, yes, you!

The audience got a chance to share their personal experiences and how Buhari's administration affected them. People poured their hearts out about what they went through, and let me tell you, it was a rollercoaster of emotions.

Now, here's the deal: We all agreed that starting

Monday, May 29

, we need to hold the government accountable right from day one! No more waiting around, my friend. It's time to occupy your


and demand what was promised.

If you missed out on the epic conversation, don't sweat it!  Just click


The Buhari Years: What We Ordered vs What We Got

Our civil society leaders took some time to reflect on the Buhari Administration. They spilled the tea on its achievements, shortcomings, and those mind-boggling moments that made us scratch our heads in confusion.

If you missed the articles in the ongoing series published in the national dailies, you can now access them all 


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Stay safe this weekend.The EiE Nigeria Team