Journalism Is Not a Crime

“If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.”

Desmond Tutu
(South African Cleric and Nobel Laureate)

Dear Active Citizen,

Just over a week ago, civic actors sounded the alarm about the unconscionable detention of investigative journalist Daniel Ojukwu. Arrested for simply doing his job of exposing corruption, Daniel's detention represented a disturbing crackdown on press freedoms in Nigeria.

Outrage poured in from across the country. Protesters filled the streets of Abuja demanding Daniel's immediate release under the rallying cry "Journalism is Not a Crime!

And after 10 long days separated from his loved ones in police captivity at the hands of the Inspector-General's Intelligence Response Team, Daniel has finally been freed!

His "crime?" Publishing an exposé on the alleged misuse of N147.1M in funds by a former presidential aide. For this act of truth-telling in the public interest, he was abducted and locked away under bogus cybercrime allegations. The presidential aide published a rejoinder that the report carried a distorted account of the procedure and shows the ignorance of the writer on how things operate in government institutions.

But it seems Daniel's persecution is really due to the extensive work Foundation for Investigative Journalism (FIJ) has been doing to expose high-level corruption within the police force and customs.

Sadly, his ordeal follows a broader pattern of this administration arbitrarily detaining journalists and media workers. Whether through spurious charges, misuse of cybercrime laws, or outright abduction, the crackdown on the fourth estate has been relentless.

While his freedom is a hard-fought victory for press rights and human rights, Daniel's ordeal has also exposed the depths of authoritarianism festering in the halls of power. His unjust detention was an outrageous defiance of the rule of law.

Make no mistake, if we had stayed silent, Daniel might still be languishing behind bars indefinitely on some vague "order from above." But we raised our united voices into a deafening roar that could not be ignored or silenced.

This is the power of people. Of activism. Of using our collective megaphone to stand up to oppression and demand justice.

Onward in the never-ending struggle!

It's Time to Repeal the Ex-Governors' Pension Laws

Only a handful of states like Zamfara, Taraba, Kwara, Imo, and Abia have repealed these controversial pension laws. Most others perpetuate this elite privilege, even as the masses groan under the weight of economic hardship.

Engage your State House of Assembly representatives now. Insist that they prioritize repealing the pension laws for ex-governors and deputies. These laws redistribute scarce resources away from citizens' needs towards enriching a few. 

Find their contact details at

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