Focus for the Months Ahead!

“As citizens become more educated and aware; data becomes cheaper and more people can get online, more Nigerians will find their voices.”

‘Yemi Adamolekun

(Executive Director, EiE Nigeria)

Dear Active Citizen,

Our team has returned energized and eager to drive change after an impactful three-day staff retreat in Lagos.

During the retreat, we brainstormed creative new ways to supercharge citizen engagement across Nigeria and took a deep dive into cooking up some positive groundbreaking good governance initiatives! Our energy was palpable as we envisioned innovative projects that will empower citizens and transform government accountability.

Now that we're back, we CANNOT WAIT to put our ambitious plans into action. With a shared vision and some stellar strategies under our belts, we are revved up to take our work to new heights.

The Oronsaye Report - What Does it Mean for Nigeria?

President Bola Tinubu, in a move to cut the cost of governance, has announced implementation of the long-awaited Steve Oronsaye Report. The 2012 report by the former Head of Service outlined ways to reduce duplication and cost of governance by merging and eliminating federal agencies and parastatals.

However, the context since 2012 has changed. As human rights lawyer Femi Falana argues, the proposals seem outdated now and can't guarantee reduced governance costs. This is especially true given that the current administration has the largest cabinet in 24 years of Nigeria's uninterrupted democracy - with 10 entirely new ministries created or modified.

Key questions include:

  1. With additional ministries not envisaged in 2012, how can abolishing agencies lead to actual savings?

  2. The government claims no civil service layoffs. But then how will expenses decrease without job cuts?

  3. Some agencies will be merged, meaning double staffing of roles like Director-Generals and Directors of Finance. Would we not have more confusion?

  4. There are too many Special Advisers, Senior Special Assistants and Special Assistants significantly draining the public purse. If these political appointees are kept in service, how is this equitable or cost-saving?

What is the most responsible path forward? Listen to yesterday's #ThursdayTalks conversation unpacking the issues and trade-offs in updating the Oronsaye Report to match Nigeria's current realities.


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