#EndSARS3YearsMemorial - A Call to Remember and Act

“The people are not the enemy! Stop killing us.“

Debo Adedayo (Mr Macaroni)

(Actor and Advocate)

Dear Active Citizen,

As we mark the third-year remembrance of the #EndSARS protests, it's essential to reflect on the reasons to be both angry and resolute. This commemoration serves as a reminder of the unfortunate events that transpired at the Lekki Tollgate and the many unanswered questions that still linger.

There will be a walk around Lekki Tollgate tomorrow with buses for those who don’t want to walk, symbolizing our continued demand for justice. Buses will be available by Oriental Hotel to transport you to the venue from 8am. 

But the #EndSARS movement is not confined to Lagos. Across Nigeria and the world, there will be various activities to remember and honor the victims. From Ibadan to Montreal, Canada; and Abuja to London, UK, people will gather to stand in solidarity.

Why should you be angry and join in honoring the memory of the fallen?

The findings of the judicial panel of inquiry established by the Lagos State Government unequivocally labeled the Lekki toll gate incident as a 'massacre.' Unarmed protesters, peacefully sitting, singing the National Anthem, and waving flags were met with violence. 💔 

The panel's findings reveal disturbing details, including "numerous unidentified bodies taken away by security forces and Lagos State Environmental Health Monitoring Unit (LASEHMU), then placed in different hospital morgues." To make matters worse, the Nigerian army obstructed ambulances from reaching the Lekki toll gate, compounding the tragedy. 😢

The evidence before the panel clearly shows that after the Nigerian Army's departure, the Nigeria Police followed up with the killing of protesters, shooting directly at fleeing individuals, even into the shanties. The pain and loss are immeasurable. 😢

And let's not forget that there are still countless unresolved issues stemming from the 2020 protests. Lives lost in other parts of the country, properties destroyed, and families still grappling for closure - the scars of that period run deep.

Lastly, remember the power of your voice on social media. Use your platforms to call for justice, share the truth, and keep the conversation alive. Share stories, facts, and your thoughts with the hashtags #EndSARS3YearsMemorial, #HonorTheDead, and #FreeTheLiving.

The #5for5 demands encapsulate our hopes for a reformed police force and a more just society. We collectively declare that our demands must be fully met. We shall persist until we see the changes we seek, with the strength of unity and the weight of our cause.

Stay safe this weekend.
The EiE Nigeria Team.