Bring Back Their Smiles!

“The Chibok girls' abduction has brought us to our knees, but we will not lose hope. We will not stop fighting until they are all brought back home.”

Aisha Yesufu

(Entrepreneur & Active Citizen)

Dear Active Citizen,

As we celebrate another year of women's triumphs and Girl Power, we must rally around an unconscionable injustice that strikes our heart. The harrowing truth - over 100 of our daughters from Chibok remain in captivity nearly 10 YEARS after being kidnapped by Boko Haram terrorists.

And just yesterday, history repeated itself with disturbing horror. Reports state that at least 200 students and teachers were abducted by armed bandits from the LEA Primary and Secondary Schools, Kuriga, Chikun Local Government Area, Kaduna State during morning assembly. Another set of innocent children's lives and futures hanging in the balance.

Let that number sink in - an entire childhood, adolescence, and journey into womanhood stolen from these brave girls who dared to pursue an education. While we celebrate inspirational women leaders, entrepreneurs, and trailblazers today, the Chibok Girls have endured unimaginable horrors simply for wanting to write their own destiny. And now a new set of families in Kaduna must enter that nightmare of uncertainty over their loved ones. When will the cycle break? When will Nigerian students feel safe pursuing their education?

We call on citizens and leaders alike - BRING BACK OUR GIRLS - our daughters of Chibok AND our sons & daughters in Kaduna! Use every channel, every leverage, to demand accountability and definitive action from Nigerian authorities. Flood every social channel with their names! Bombard your reps and government officials until they bring them home!

We celebrate together or not at all!

Important PSA 📢 

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Stay safe this weekend.
The EiE Nigeria Team.