Embracing Hope: The Missing in NG Annual Report for 2022

The urgency to find missing persons lies not just in their absence, but in the profound impact on the fabric of our society.

β€œThe urgency to find missing persons lies not just in their absence, but in the profound impact on the fabric of our society. Let us continue the search with unwavering determination.β€œ

Barack Obama

(44th President of the United States)

Dear Active Citizen,

In a world filled with stories, there are some that touch our hearts more deeply than others. Stories of hope, resilience, and the undying human spirit. Today, we want to share such a story with you - the story of MissingInNG (Nigeria's Missing Persons Register).

As we embarked on this journey to document missing Nigerians and raise awareness, we couldn't have imagined the profound impact it would have. It's not just a register; it's a testament to our collective strength and determination.

Picture this: a mother's tearful plea for her missing son, a father's unwavering search for his daughter. These stories resonate with us because they could be our own. We are all connected by the shared experience of love, loss, and the unyielding hope that one day, our loved ones will return.

Through MissingInNG, we've become a lifeline for those who thought they had nowhere left to turn. Each entry in our register represents not just a name, but a life, a family, and a community searching for answers. It's in these moments of uncertainty that we find our purpose.

The 2022 Annual Report encapsulates our journey over the past year. We invite you to explore the report and fully engage with its content. Let it serve as a reminder that even in the darkest of times, our shared humanity can illuminate the path forward.

Urgent! Nigeria's Kidnap Crisis

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πŸ’” Imagine the desperation, the helplessness.

πŸ“‰ High inflation and a weak currency mean more desperation and higher demands, leaving families struggling to reunite with their loved ones.

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Call for Applications

The 2023 call to join the African Union Youth Volunteer Corps is now open! Apply to join the leadership program and contribute to the continent's development.

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